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Paddling Routes on the Duck River

Higher Pursuits offers two trip options on the Duck River

Paddling Routes

Both routes on the Duck River are easy going sections of the river that are classified as a class I river. There is moving water but no rapids. The Duck River has deep slow pools mixed with faster moving water. It is a great river for both novice paddlers and experienced paddlers.

Each of our routes goes through the Yanahli Wildlife Management Area making this a scenic paddle with very few roads, houses, or buildings.

Cheeks Bend Route

  • Our Most Popular Route
  • Begins at Leftwich Bridge (1/4 mile from canoe base) and ends at Howard's Bridge
  • 5.5 mile trip
  • Average Time to Paddle: 3 to 5 hours

Carpenter Bridge Route

  • Wooden Steps to the river
  • Begins at Carpenter Bridge (15 or 20 min from canoe base) and ends at Leftwich Bridge
  • 8.7 mile trip
  • Average time to Paddle: 5 to 7 hours
Cheeks Bend Route

Cheeks Bend Route

Time to Paddle: 3 to 5 hours

Length: approximately 5 1/2 miles

Starts: Leftwich Bridge on Sowell Mill Pike

Ends: Howard Bridge on Fred White Road

Accessibility: The access is just a 1/4 mile from the canoe base. It is a gravel access and well maintained. The ending boat ramp is a concrete boat ramp.

Features: This section of the river features remote paddling through the Yanahli Wilderness Management Area. The trip is highlighted by several picturesque rock bluffs along the river as well as opportunity to see various forms of wildlife found along the Duck River. Along Cheeks Bend there are several large caves visible from the river. The river is gentle along this section and has very few swift spots. There are good gravel bars for groups to stop for lunch, play in the water, and just relax.

Special Notes: Check our hours of operation at the top of the page for our last drop off time based on the time of year.

Carpenter Bridge Route

Carpenter's Bridge Route

Time to Paddle: 5 to 7 hours

Length: approximately 8.7 miles

Starts: Carpenter's Bridge off Carpenter's Bridge Road

Ends: Leftwich Bridge on Sowell Mill Pike

Accessibility: The access to Carpenter Bridge was recently rebuilt by the Tennessee Scenic River Association and is now a set of wooden steps that take you to the river. The ending is very accessible and well maintained.

Features: This section of the river has a rich history. Along the banks of the river you can still see old mill sites. This remote section of the Duck River is largely uninterrupted by roads or houses. Some groups are fortunate enough to see a bald eagle that frequents this section. This section of the river is very generally slower then the Cheeks Bend Section and requires more paddling. This section does not have good landmarks as you paddle. Your key feature is an old bridge at the end of trip.

Special Notes: Our last drop off for this section is 2 hours earlier then our posted hours due to the length and time most groups require to paddle this section.